About Us

Our Company was founded as a silk fabric enterprise by Necati Er in 1962. In 1989, with its structure as Ersen Tekstil San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. , the company converted into a family organization and began to make its production at its modern facilities under the world standards. Following up scientific and technologic enhancements closely since its foundation, Ersen Tekstil , due to qualified labor and Research- Developments activities, has become specialized in the technical textile areas and reached a stage to be capable of producing trendy fabrics with higher added- value.

With its paint/finishing factory which was introduced into the company in 2003, the company, primarily cotton polyester and viscose based qualities, with its product range which is renewed continuously according to session and trends and with its expanding fabric collection, has become one of the important suppliers of world’s leading brands.

Under continuous renewal for a sustainable development, Ersen Tekstil has been continuing to improve with its new investments. The Company, in line with its objective, has already activated its printing plant and the Company is currently proud of acquiring all processes which are necessary for the sector.

For the purpose of obtaining a sustainable and profitable growth in our business, we attach great importance to our employees’ training and motivation and we create long term relations, moreover by developing products which reply the society’s needs and expectations within our production power we hereby act with the intention of being the leader company of the sector.

Ersen Tekstil gives particular importance to use natural sources during its activities and to decrease waste production, to monitor and protect air, soil and water continuously, and to keep the environmental effects of the climate change under control.

Working jointly with 3rd generation right now, Ersen Tekstil has been continuing to develop new models for maintaining a sustainable development based on strategic plans which would take the company into the future, and to act toward global objectives accordingly.

Environment Policy

  • To fulfill all legislations relevant with environment and the liabilities born in this respect ,
  • To follow up national and international regulations for chemical substance purchases and to prefer chemicals which are coherent with human and environment .
  • To provide continuous improvement in order to alleviate environmental pollution by using advanced techniques and technologies.
  • To use raw materials and energy sources effective and productive for the protection of natural resources .
  • To determine environmental impacts born from our activities and to protect environment through accurate disposal of wastes.
  • To improve our employees’ sense of responsibility on environment and to support it by giving trainings on this matter.
  • To control our environmental objective continuously and to make improvements.

Our Mission

  • Customer oriented service with ethical values, providing rapid and quality product
  • Loyalty to work ethics and higher sense of responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Human and environment friendly production

Transforming its experience and expertise in textile areas into customer satisfaction, Ersen Tekstil has been conducting all its works and social awareness activities under international standards and with the understanding of corporate management, customer satisfaction, sustainability and social responsibility.

Our Certificates